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SunCo Green Pharmaceuticals manufactures a range of premium medical cannabis products for prescription and pharmacy customers.

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SunCo Green

Bringing Medicinal Cannabis to Australian Patients

There has been a growing awareness of the clinical benefits of Medicinal Cannabis for some years, and with legislation opening the door for patient access in 2016, there has been an ever- increasing demand.

Sunco Green was established in April of 2020 in order to provide Health Professionals information on and patients with access to the clinical benefits of Medicinal Cannabis. Our mission is to build a locally owned and operated Medicinal Cannabis Businesses, and to do this in a socially responsible and environmentally aware way.


Our Founders

Alex Hewitt is a qualified engineer and businessman who has established a successful renewable energy business in Europe and Australia, developing large scale wind and solar projects across the world. He continues to innovate in cutting edge renewable energy generation development on a global scale.

Charles Powell is a registered Pharmacist and serial entrepreneur who has had considerable success in a diverse range of businesses across different industry sectors, both in New Zealand and Australia. He currently is a producer of Manuka Honey in New Zealand and operates a retail Pharmacy on the Sunshine Coast.

Shaun Anderson has had a long career in Medical Devices and has held a range of Senior Commercial Roles with Leadership Responsibility across the Asia Pacific Region.

Immediately prior to co-founding Sunco Green he was the Country Manager of Johnson and Johnson Surgical Vision in Australia and New Zealand.




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Medical Cannabis Patient Resources

SunCo is an advocate of the medical research process that's required to understand the therapeutic benefits derived from cannabinoids. We've curated a selection of high-quality resources that are publically available for interested patients, physicians and pharmacists. For doctors and pharmacists who'd like to explore prescribing and dispensing cannabinoid products, please register or log-in to the SunCo Medical Portal. 

Guidance for the use of medicinal cannab

Guidance for the use of medicinal cannabis in Australia,

- Patient Information

Published by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia

Medicinal Cannabis Products Patient Info

Medicinal Cannabis Products Patient Information Sheet

Published by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia

TGA - How to Access Medicinal Cannabis.P

How to access medicinal cannabis infographic

Published by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia

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